Children Babies Activity Tray for Apple iPad 3 fits Car Seat Highchair & Stroller (sku 18710)

Children Babies Activity Tray for Apple iPad 3 fits Car Seat Highchair & Stroller (sku 18710)
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Activity Tray for Apple iPad 3 fits Car Seats,  Highchairs & Stroller.

A portable, practical tablet holder for children.
This unique tray has elastic straps that snap together and can easily be attached to most strollers, high chairs and car seats, so you can take it anywhere, whether it’s a road trip, dinner or a stroll around the block.
Kids will love to be entertained watching videos and playing fun educational apps using the activity tray.

Suitable for any age.

Universal light-weight holder suitable for the Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4th Gen.
Fits tablet  devices to a max size of 24cm x 19cm

Padded to protect both your child and your iPad.

Easily attaches to most strollers and pushchairs
Use on highchairs & child's  low-chairs
Fits most car seats
Comfortable sits on your child's lap.
Note: Tray fits most, but not all strollers, car seats and high chairs

Spill Proof Surface - Water resistant surface guards against spills, dribbles & drools!
The protective tray features a clear plastic screen cover that effectively guards the tablet screen from smudges and messy hands, while still allowing seamless multi-touch control and a clear view of the screen.
The water resistant top layer of the tray is sealed and coated to protect from common liquid spills, so there is one less thing to worry about. The raised tray edges make any mess easy to clean up and help keep your kid and tablet safe and dry.

Cushioned Padding
The soft cushioned tray provides comfortable foam padding, ideal for resting on your lap, and protecting the tablet  from any drops, scratches or bumps, keeping it safe for your kids to use. Simply insert the tablet into the zippered case and seal shut.

Foldable Stand
Includes a special foldable stand that can be attached and used to watch videos or position to comfortably play with apps. The stand can be unfolded and attached flat on the back of the tray when not in use for easy storage.

Includes convenient detachable stand and adjustable elastic straps.
Zip access.

Tray measures 38cm x 30cm x 6cm approx

Note - this tray doesn't include any software applications.





Informations complémentaires

Informations complémentaires

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Fabricant BuyBits
Fits Apple Apple iPad 3
Marque Apple
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