Waterproof 10,000mAh Battery Back-Up SatNav Bike Mount (SKU 14241)

Battery Back-Up SatNav Bike Mount (SKU 14241)
Réf.: 14241
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Description du produit


Protective weather resistant case with handlebar fixing with a high powered 10,000mAh back-up battery.
Comes with both  MICRO USB & MINI USB Power Adapters
Suitable for both motorcycles & bicycles handlebars.
Waterproof zip case designed to protect from rain showers and damp weather.
Fits handlebars 16mm up to 33mm.

Uses: Ideal for those of you who don't want to power your GPS direct from the bikes battery, for use on a borrowed or rental bike or for cyclists.

The Arkon universal case is waterproof and will protect from rain or damp weather and is suitable for SatNav devices no larger than 13.2cm x 8cm x 3cm.

What do I get?
1 x Arkon waterproof protective case for GPS Satellite Navigation devices
1 x Arkon high quality adjustable handlebar mount
1 x 10,000mAh re-chargeable mobile power pack with i 1 micro USM & 1 x Mini USB power adapters

The Mount:
The Arkon  handlebar fixing will fit bars from 16mm up to 33mm. It's pedestal design uses a ball joint for full adjustment and tightening ring to hold the position securely.
Includes 2 x Bar inserts to cushion & protect handlebars.

The Case:
This universal case has a transparent touch sensitive lens which allows you to view and control your SatNav while it remains protected within the case.
The water resistant zip keeps moisture out.
Charging cable access.
The case comes with ONE support pad to enable devices of varying sizes to be inserted as standard.
Case un-clips easily for security or storage.
Incorporates a brass security thumb screw to ensure the case does not detach from the mount during extreme off road pursuits.
Bonus: Spare Brass Thumb Screw Included.

This case will accommodate a standard screen SatNav along with the battery pack positioned either behind or along side the unit.

The Battery Power Pack:
faster charging time than other power banks.
• Short circuit protection.
• Dual output USB ports.
• Aluminium case.
• Built-in high capacity battery.
• Capacity indicator.
• Battery type: Lithium ion Polymer
• Capacity: 10000mAh/3.7V 37Wh
• Input: 5VDC/2A
• Output:  2.1A/ max 2.5A Dual ports
• Charging time:  5-6 hours
  (When charged from 2A charger)
• Charging cycles:   > 500 Cycles
• Operating temperature: -5°C ~ +55°C




Informations complémentaires

Informations complémentaires

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Fabricant BuyBits
Marque Universal
Mounting Type Handlebar
Couleur Black


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